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 Life Leadership College exists to develop a generation of Christ-followers who display a passion for God, teachability, servant leadership, academic excellence and an honorable work ethic.


REALIZE your purpose and develop your dreams.

REFINE your gifts and skills through academic training and hands-on ministry.

RELEASE into full time ministry, building the body of Christ around the corner and around the world


LLC is not just a program,

but an opportunity that I took to

help shape who I am today. LLC is

the school that saw potential in me way before I ever knew I had any potential in ministry. Because of LLC, I am able to say that I am confident in who I am, but

also someone who wants to be

a learner, giver, and someone

who serves those

around me. 

Joey Ketchum
LLC Alumni 

When I first enrolled at LLC, I had a very vague idea of what I wanted to do in ministry. Honestly, the only thing I had confidence in was that I was called to vocational ministry. But over the past couple years that I have been a part of LLC, I have felt more and more confident in my relationship with God and His calling on my life to be a worship pastor. Life Leadership College has challenged and empowered me to pursue my calling courageously. And I know that if it weren't for my LLC family, I wouldn't be where I am today. There's no place I'd rather be!

MacKenzie Melan
LLC Alumni 

Life Leadership College

taught me how to serve. It

showed me that a heart to serve

should be a response to and come

from an overflow of who Jesus is. I have graduated knowing how to passionately serve Jesus, serve others, and serve

the Church. It is with that heart to serve that I am now preparing

to go on to the mission

field full time.

Makenzie Muehler
LLC Alumni 
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